Here Is What Some People Say About
Dr. Jonas Gadson, DTM

Mr. Delatorro L. McNeal II, Professional Speaker and Author

“Dr. Jonas Gadson is a powerhouse of a communicator!  Jonas will make you think, make you laugh, but most of all, he will make you want to change!”

Ms. Sidrah R Jackson, former VP Banking – Boston, MA

“When I met Dr. Jonas Gadson, his coaching revealed what I had secretly feared; I had only scratched the surface of my capabilities! I thought being a good communicator was using difficult words and impressing others.  But through Dr. Gadson’s coaching, I learned to be more authentic and communicate to express rather than impress! Now, my communication style achieves real and true connection with those whom I want to influence.  The dreams and goals that I had for my life are becoming a reality with hard work, focus, and being held accountable for my personal and professional growth. Thank you, Dr. Gadson for challenging me to do the hard work on myself and to grow beyond what I could have ever imagined!

Ms. Tina Andrews, former president of the New England Minority Supplier
Development Council - Boston, MA

“Dr. Jonas Gadson was exceptional. The excitement and motivation created by his presentation has you feeling like you actually do have a pair of wings. It leaves you believing that you can do just about anything!”

Mr. Richard Geier, Colonel US Army (Retired)

Dr. Jonas Gadson is a Positive, Inspirational and Uplifting Coach, Motivational Speaker and Author! His “Bonus from Jonas” is like a cool drink on a sweltering day; it is perfect for an imperfect time! You cannot listen to him and remain depressed, disillusioned, or disheartened. If time is short, just get a few “Bonuses from Jonas!” and feel reenergized and ready to conquer the world around you.”

Mr. Ellier Gervero, Insurance Agent

“Dr. Jonas Gadson is a great educational, inspirational and motivational coach! His coaching has given me positive, practical and time-tested information that helped me to reach my highest potential. He helped me to grow and get where I wanted to go faster! I was propelled to higher levels at work because I brought in millions of dollars in new clients to the insurance company that I worked for. He said, “And when I started my own business, I brought Dr. Gadson in to coach other professionals who were affiliated with my business! I highly recommend him to any individual, business or company that is looking for a coach in speaking to inspire their teams to greatness, personally and professionally.”

Ms. Shirley Husbands, Teacher -  London, England

“It is with pleasure…Just to let you know that I recorded that Sunday morning service and I listen to it often because when I hear your voice and your word it just lifts my spirit. God has given you a gift which is only afforded to a chosen few, so I am honored that I’ve had the privilege of experiencing the Bonus in Jonas – the gift God bestowed on you. Blessing and favor from the United Kingdom.”